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Homeschool education has been in existence since ancient times. In ancient Greece, for instance, education was mostly by tutorial and other concentrated methods. Over time, the change in approach and techniques of educating at home has evolved to what we see as homeschooling today. At present, there is a marked increase in the number of students… Read Article →

The Home School Foundation (HSF) offers grants to groups and families to support their homeschooling efforts. This post will help you to find if and how HSF can help you. The Home School Foundation has several funds for homeschooling grants: – The Widows Fund – The Kids Curriculum Fund – The Children of Single Parents Fund –… Read Article →

Schools see breakout success-‘Multiplex’ approach gives students second chance You know you’re not in your typical high school when the rough-and-tumble minutes between classes are pierced by a double line of sweet-faced second-graders filing quietly past. The high school kids, many of them former dropouts, stop and let them through. It’s another Monday morning at… Read Article →

A previous posting about voucher schemes as part of the right wing’s larger War on Public Education solicited this highly enlightening comment from Daniel Newby: I promoted tax credits, and even vouchers, for many years, until I realized the damage they would do to the private institutions we are attempting to empower. There are better… Read Article →

The decision to homeschool your child or children is often not easily made and usually a complicated process. But giving it a lot of thought may be absolutely worth it, and you definitely wouldn’t like to miss out the chance to give your kids a homeschool education if that is the right thing for them… Read Article →

1. PARTNERSHIPS Sent to me from an old friend! Researchers from the Center for Study of Entrepreneurship at Marquette University investigated a sample of nearly two thousand companies and categorized the top performers as ‘hypergrowth’ companies and those at the bottom as low growth companies. Solo entrepreneurs founded only 6% of the ‘hypergrowth’ companies. Partners… Read Article →

Here are a few good tips for taking the GED test 1. Master Time Management – Time management is essential to be successful in online studies. You need to realize the value of your studies and dedicate time where you will concentrate and accomplish different tasks relating to your academics while learning online. To easily manage… Read Article →

I’ve been reading The Natural Child Project for quite some time now. I’ve linked to many of its posts already and, most of all, I have learned so much there. From a year ago, when unschooling was a new cool word for me till now, I have changed so much my view on education and… Read Article →

Rita comes from Brazil and now lives in a rural area in between a tiny town with about 300 people and a little town with about 3000, and she shares her thoughts on homeschooling. She says: The tiny town is simply one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. As I rode a bike… Read Article →