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I really like the unschooling path and I want to be there one day. But my reality shows it´s not the best option for now. After 2 months being back home from Costa Rica, we didn’t make any new steady friends and I realized it was harder than I thought, since all kids are in school…. Read Article →

The interests of homeschooling parents and organizations are in California represented by The HomeSchool Association of California (HSC). This organization was established in 1987 by a small group of homeschooling moms in the Bay Area. Initially they called their organization the ‘Northern California Homeschool Association’, but later changed the name in HSC, and the group… Read Article →

When it comes to homeschooling, New York is a pretty heavily regulated state, but if you’re convinced that homeschooling your child is the best option, nothing should keep you and your family from going the path that you trust. In New York state there are two crucial documents that you need to submit. The easy one… Read Article →

The decision to homeschool your child or children is of course a far-reaching decision that will definitely have an impact on your life. Every U.S. state have different laws regarding Homeschooling and North Carolina has (as only U.S. state) a governmental Division of Non-public education (DNPE). North Carolina is a good state to homeschool your… Read Article →

If you decide to homeschool your child(ren) you know you’ll be taking a crucial decision that will affect your life seriously. All states have their own laws on homeschooling, and Illinois offers its residents a lot of freedom when it comes to home education. In Illinois, homeschoolers are regarded as private educators. Home schooling parents must meet… Read Article →

Thousands of families across the globe are homeschooling their children, and though the idea of homeschooling your children may be a little overwhelming, you could do it just like all the others. Learning is a continuing process, and just remember that your child also has learned to talk and walk with you as the best… Read Article →

Most homeschooling is done at home, through libraries, parks, or any other public area may be great environments for homeschooling as well to educate children who want to be taught. Many homeschoolers who love reading make a sort of second home of their local libraries, while others who love a bit more physical style of learning… Read Article →