Home School Foundation

The Home School Foundation (HSF) offers grants to groups and families to support their homeschooling efforts. This post will help you to find if and how HSF can help you. The Home School Foundation has several funds for homeschooling grants:

– The Widows Fund
– The Kids Curriculum Fund
– The Children of Single Parents Fund
– The Special Needs Children Fund
– The Military Fund
– The Emergency Response Fund
– The Global Homeschooling Fund, formerly named the International Fund

HSF’s Financial Support Programs:

– HSLDA Membership
– Patrick Henry College Freshman

Homeschooling Resources – To be eligible for HSF support, families are required to have been homeschooling for at least six months, proof financial need, and meet all requirements related to the fund they are applying to. If you want to learn for which fund you may qualify for, you can contact the foundation online and their staff will be glad to help you.

If you have just begun with your homeschooling activities you will need to wait at least six months before applying for a grant. However, you can at all times contact the HSF office to find out if the foundation can help you in the meantime or to find out for which you qualify for by the time you qualify for support of your homeschooling activities. When you find yourself in dire financial need, you can contact the Home School Foundation and inform them about your circumstances and to see if they can help you in any way.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) was established in 1983 for defending and advancing the constitutional and fundamental right of all parents to decide on and control the educational requirements of their children, and for the protection of family freedoms. HSLDA has currently some 85,000 members and around 90 staff members. HSLDA established the Home School Foundation (HSF) In 1994, a non-profit 501(c)(3), which the original focus on helping various other homeschooling groups..

How is HSF supporting HSLDA?
HSF has two funds that are supporting the tax-exempt initiatives of HSLDA, the Homeschool Freedom Fund that supports the education of the public and HSLDA’s litigation work, and the Members Helping Members Fund that enables financially hurting families to join HSLDA via full or partial scholarships.

The Home School Legal Defense Association offers quite a few resources to support homeschooling families in an effective and affordable way. The association has several educational consultants that can be of great help if you want information. There are several groups of consultants, for example for your child’s early years ((K-8th grade), a group of high school consultants, and a group of struggling learner and special needs consultants.

More Resources
The HSLDA is also recommending that you read some articles on the organization’s website that are related to budgeting and are titled ‘Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget’  and ‘Navigating the Used Curriculum Market’, and also interesting the article on the website freehomeschooldeals.com named ’10 Days of Homeschooling for Free & Frugal’.

How Can You Find A Homeschooling Group In Your Community?
Check everything that’s available online. The homeschooling community is relatively small and pretty close-knit. Your state’s homeschooling organization or, for example, a local church may very well provide you with information on other homeschooling families within your area, and these homeschooling veterans are usually your best resources for recommendations, encouragement, and the best curricula, and especially moms are sharing curricula a lot.

Check out also HSLDA’s website for their ‘Homeschool Progress Reports’  that addresses educational disparities in the homeschool community, and contains useful information about economic and gender issues. Interesting is also their report ‘Homeschooling Grows Up’, a study on how homeschooled students are performing in their adult lives.

Home School Legal Defense Association
PO Box 1152, Purcellville, VA 20134, Phone: 540-338-8688