Homeschool Grants

Generally, there are no U.S. government grants for homeschoolers, and homeschool grants are usually also not well publicized and although they are there, you may have some trouble finding them. The best, fastest, and easiest way to learn about them is to go online and do some thorough research.

There are several types of homeschooling grants available, and on this page, we’ll take a closer look at what they are and where they’re available.

Corporate grants are those that are offered by large corporations offer grants. Numerous big corporations provide grants to traditional and charter schools on a regular basis. Some of these corporate grants are also open to homeschoolers but it may get a little trick, and you need to know exactly which grants to apply for and how.

IBM has a lot of grants available for all sorts of education initiatives, but none of these are open to homeschoolers. Wal-Mart, though, offers several grants that are available to homeschooling activities.

You need to contact Wal-Mart’s education department and ask them for information on these grants that are not well publicized. You may have to be a little persistent as the homeschool controversy continues and you could be talking to several persons before you’ll have the information that you require.

As said before, government grants for homeschoolers do not exist in the US. So if you decide to homeschool your children, you’re going to have to deal with this dilemma. You can find scholarships and grants that are available to homeschooled students that go to college, but you can find no federal grants for homeschooling families.

In Canada, though, the situation is different. British Columbia offers a $175 grant to children that are enrolled in homeschooling by September 30, and there are homeschooling grants offered by specific homeschooling advocacy groups.

In Alaska, you can receive a grant for textbooks for homeschool students. This Alaska grant is a yearly grant. Every homeschooler must join a homeschool support group, and you need to check with your specific homeschool group if they offer grants. This is at least a beginning…

Some will do so, but mainly in the form of materials like used textbooks. Some, but not many, of these support groups may also offer cash, and in case your homeschool support group has 501 (c) 3 Tax status you could have better chances to get a grant through them.

You can also look for a homeschooling grant through your local ministry or church. Several of these institutions, particularly those that don’t a school, will be more than glad to provide books or other study materials to support you with faith-based resources. Probably you’ll need to ask several organizations, and many will only help those who need it most.

So when you ask for a grant, you must be ready to be open about your family’s finances. So you see, homeschooling grants are around, but they may be just pretty difficult to find. locate, but if you are persistent and search in every thinkable area, you may very well come across a grant that you are qualifying for.