Homeschooling in California

The interests of homeschooling parents and organizations are in California represented by The HomeSchool Association of California (HSC). This organization was established in 1987 by a small group of homeschooling moms in the Bay Area. Initially they called their organization the ‘Northern California Homeschool Association’, but later changed the name in HSC, and the group has grown into a statewide, powerful organization.

The original founding families have come to new stages in their lives, and have passed their vision and knowledge on to new Association members. It is the Association’s vision to be an inclusive organization dedicated to homeschooling and to support all types of homeschooling families in every possible way. The organization and its members believe and are convinced that homeschooling parents have the fundamental right and are the best deciders for their educational choices.

The HomeSchool Association of California is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and its members are really the organization’s heart and soul. The organization’s members are involved in, and are serving, homeschooling parents across California in multiple ways and each member is valued and important. The organization’s active members demonstrate an ongoing willingness to participate in the promotion and protection of homeschooling in the broadest sense.

It is the HomeSchool Association of California’s mission to honor the diversity of homeschoolers, to support all facets related to homeschooling, to provide information on homeschooling, to monitor and influence legislation, to provide opportunities for homeschooling families to convene, to offer networking options and support for homeschooling families, and empower families and individuals to make crucial choices that are respecting the aspiration, rights, and needs of their children.

Several groups within the are actively involved in promoting its mission. The HSC Legislative Team, for example is monitoring legislation and other governmental activities that could affect homeschooling and informs HSC members about potential changes, and the organization’s Legal Team is supporting families and answers questions related to legal aspects of homeschooling and the right to do so.

For individuals interested in homeschooling, or for those who just got started, the HSC Website provides a wealth of information, and also experienced homeschoolers and professionals from the education field may benefit from the organization’s extensive website information. The website additionally offers in-depth legal details prepared by HSC’s attorneys.

In most California counties, HSC County Contacts are available. These contacts are experienced HSC members who are volunteering to answer all questions from homeschooling parents or those who are interested in homeschooling in their area. They are the proper persons to give you all information and advice you require, and they can get you in touch with local support groups, provide information on activities, and give moral support.

The HSC issues a monthly newsletter by email that contains homeschooling news from all around California, the U.S.and the entire world, and here you can find lots of information about the organization itself, local, regional, and national support groups, resources for homeschooling families, and much more to keep you up to speed on legal and legislative issues and the climate for homeschooling in general.

Every year, the HSC organizes a crucial conference. The 2017 HSC Conference will take place July 27-30, 2017, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. To see if the HSC Conference will be interesting for you, check out the following. If you are new to homeschooling, or if you want to find out more about how to best get started, about legal options, homeschooling methods, curricula, or other aspects, at the Conference you will witness discussion, you can listen to speakers, and there will be extensive information and plenty of opportunities to have all your questions addressed and answered.

The conference offers several workshops and ongoing activities for families that have young children. You can get even a ‘Caregiver Pass’ that you as a parent will be able to attend adult sessions, and a caretaker, for example a grandparent, has some entertaining fun with your kids. More experienced homeschoolers who would like to get information about ways to enhance their homeschooling journey can find all sorts of inspiration and information at the conference, as there are more than 125 speakers and workshops.

HomeSchool Association of California
P.O. Box 77873, Corona, CA 92877, Phone: 1-888-HSC-4440