Homeschooling My Child – Where Do I Begin?

As you’ll understand, choosing to home educate is a life-changing decision, not only for the child but also for the entire family. It takes a lot of time, sacrifice, and patience. So when the question arises about Homeschooling My Child – Where Do I Begin?

It is strongly recommended that a potential home educating family does their research on the pros and cons of Homeschooling. By the time you’ve completed your research, please pay close attention to the following steps that come with “Homeschooling Your Child.”

STEP 1Know the Laws and Requirements

  • Educating your child from home is allowed in all 50 states. However, the laws vary from state to state. Current requirements will be listed on your state’s Department of Education website.
  • Knowing these laws will allow you to start educating your child legally and confidently from the beginning.

STEP 2: Reach Out to Other Homeschoolers

  • Contact a local homeschool support group. Once you begin your online search you will find that there are many different types of support groups. Read also this post on the pros and cons of Homeschooling your child.
  • Reaching out to these groups will allow you to ask questions, get advice and access to forms and procedures that will help you start the process. Most support groups have meetings, activities, and educational field trips. Some even offer Co-Op classes. In many cases, these groups are beneficial to the socialization of your child and provide you with a good support system.
  • Try to find a support group where the members share the same beliefs and educational goals as you.

STEP 3: Determine Teaching Methods and Curriculum

  • Once you determine which teaching method fits your educational goals you will need to research curriculum options and reviews. There are a few different options for how you can receive your curriculum – online, software, or printed. Note – there are many websites that offer free online home educational products.
  • Purchase curriculum and any other required course materials. See also this post: “Homeschooling, the Best Option?”

STEP 4: Set Up a Strategy

  • How much can your family afford to spend each year on education? This needs to be determined. Books, curriculum, support materials, tutors/teachers, educational outings, and social events can add up. One benefit of educating at home is it can vary from economical to expensive depending on your choices. For information about The Homeschool Foundation, click here.
  • Determine where your homeschool classroom will be. Will you just use the kitchen table, the coffee table or allow your child to do their work where ever they decide or will you have a designated school room? One good aspect of educating from home and learning, it can be done almost anywhere.
  • Organize and then organize some more. As you most likely know, a clean and organized area is much more inviting and allows for maximum use of space. Cabinets, shelves, and storage bins are very useful for storing and keeping everything organized. You will also need to have an area where you can keep important course and educational records, as many states are going to require some sort of records.

STEP 5: Determine a Schooling Schedule

  • Schooling schedule – will you have a daily schedule? Will you homeschool year round? If so, what times and how long? Or do you prefer not to have set times and have the schedule be more goal oriented? You can determine what works best for your family.

Congratulations! Now that the questions associated with “How Do I Start Homeschooling My Child” are answered, you are ready to start your educational journey.  It will be a new and exciting time in your family’s life.  Do not let the process scare you although there is some controversy regarding the subject. You are equipped to teach your child.  Make learning fun, show excitement, have patience and enjoy the one on one time.  You and your child deserve it.