Homeschooling Quotes

Most homeschooling is done at home, through libraries, parks, or any other public area may be great environments for homeschooling as well to educate children who want to be taught.

Many homeschoolers who love reading make a sort of second home of their local libraries, while others who love a bit more physical style of learning may prefer for example parks for education efforts. Natural landscapes are actually great places to educate children, though also an ordinary place such as a department store may prove to be remarkably educational.

Check out the following interesting homeschooling and education quotations:

…. Fact is that parents (both mothers and fathers) exert a lot more influence over the intellectual development of their children than we commonly think. Over three decades of research and study have actually shown that parents influence their children’s academic performance to a larger extent than any other factor, including schools (‘The One-House Schoolroom’, Family Research Council).

…. We have come to the conclusion that for most people the right to education is curtailed by the fact that in many countries people are obligated to attend school (Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society).

…. Today, many fellows are holding an MBA, a BA, an MD, or even a Ph.D. How unfortunate that they don’t hold a J.O.B. (Fats Domino).

…. A compulsory, tax-supported, educational system really is the fitting perfectly well in a totalitarian state (The God of the Machine, Isabel Paterson).

…. One of the eternal questions on children is about how we should educate them. Educators and politicians are considering more school days, more math & science, more exams & tests, more computers in the classroom, more training & certification for instructors, and less funding for art. These ideas come up as they all want to make the children functional and efficient parts of the machinery that we call society, so totally not in line with the ancient Greek idea that education must lead to virtuosity and wisdom. In our modern-day educational ideal, soul is neglected (Thomas Moore)

…. Orchestras require individuals with differentiated and various talents and, to a certain extent, with different tastes. If all orchestra members were insisting on playing the same instrument in the same way, orchestral music would not be possible. Social co-existence can only function if there are differences of aptitude and taste, which are hard to achieve if every child will be exposed to identical influences. Parental differences are needed to affect them (British philosopher and historian Bertrand Russell).

…. A great merit of home education is that it is preserving the diversity between different individuals. Suppose we were all the same. This may be very convenient for bureaucrats and statisticians, this would not only be very dull, it would also lead to a highly non-progressive society. (Bertrand Russell)

Good heavens, what are they teaching them at those schools? (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Oxford professor C.S. Lewis).

…. Concerns that homeschoolers are not getting enough opportunities to socialize are often addressed by homeschooling support groups and homeschooling parents and extra social activities are often provided. But there is not one report in the world that suggests that more focus on social interaction is beneficial to the children (Evaluation Questions for ERO Education Reviews: Exempted Student/s (Homeschooling)

…. Education is thing to be admired, but there’s nothing worth knowing can be taught (Irish playwright Oscar Wilde)

…. For many people, homeschooling is a terrific journey. No static forms of studying, no institutional misery, no requirement to please others. Homeschooling provides a magical journey into a wonderful world of discovery. It is not a relaxing, but exciting process.(Valery, NJ homeschool mom).

…. Great spirits have through the ages always been oppressed in a violent way by mediocre minds. (theoretical physicist Albert Einstein)

…. He who is educated understands how and where to find out the things he doesn’t know. (German philosopher George Simmel)

…. Public schooling and homeschooling are truly opposite sides of the same coin. With homeschooling, the instructor needs not be certified, and the student MUST learn. In public schools, the instructor MUST be certified, yet the child needs NOT learn. (Homeschooler Gene Royer)